Dear Friends:

It has been an honor to serve as your Davidson County Clerk for nearly 2 years.  It would be an even greater honor to continue to serve you and the citizens of Nashville for the next 4 years.

Since taking office, I have had the privilege of making a number of improvements, including the implementation of a cross training program, personnel policies and an evaluation system to ensure best practices are always followed.  We have strengthened internal controls to ensure optimum stewardship of Metro’s resources while generating more revenue with less operating expenses.

One of the improvements you may notice the next time you renew your motor vehicle registration is the elimination of the county decal, saving taxpayers time and money.  Another initiative that I’m proud of is the creation of an internship program for high school students. The internship program gives us an opportunity to mentor and instill professional ethics in young people.

In order to build on these successes I need your support more than ever.  While I had no democratic opposition in the May county primary I have an opponent in the August general election.  Here are some of the ways you can help:

Join our efforts by putting out your yard sign.  Click “Request A Yard Sign” if you need one.

Make a donation.  If you have already contributed, allow me to express my gratitude once more.  If you feel you can contribute again, the campaign limits are $1,500 for individuals for the May election. Our campaign will certainly appreciate any size gift as it will go a long way in supporting my re-election.

Get out the vote!  Early voting is July 18 – August 2nd.  The general election is Thursday, August 7.  Please remember these dates and remind your neighbors and friends to vote, vote, vote.

Thank you, again, for the love and support you have demonstrated.  Know that I could not do this without you.

EV copy